Arsenal are in talks with Leicester City over signing 26-year-old striker – Jamie Vardy

The Premier League leaders are ready to make a move for the player, who has scored 20 goals in the last season.
The Leicester striker has been a key player of the Foxes for several years, and his form has gradually improved.
This season, he has managed to score a lot of goals, and he has become a real star of the team.
However, the team is not the only one interested in signing the player.
According to the information from reliable sources, the club is also interested in the transfer of the young player, which is why the transfer fee is not so high.
Vardy is one of the main candidates for the signing of the club, but the club has to make sure that the player will not leave the team for any reason.

The player is a free agent, so the club can make the transfer without any problems.
In order to do this, the player has to show a good form, and this is what the team needs.
It is also worth noting that the Fox’s squad is not very strong, so it is very difficult to sign the player for the price of a new player.
However the club will have to do its best, because the player is one the main stars of the current season, and the team has to do everything to keep him in the team, which will be very difficult.
Leicester City Transfer News
The Foxes are ready for the new season, because they have a lot to show.
They have a good squad, which can be strengthened in various ways.
Among the main contenders for the transfer are:
* Jamie Vlaty;
* Riyad Mahrez;
* Kelechi Iheanacho;
* Kean Williams;
and so on.
All of them are considered as the main transfer candidates of the season. The Foxes have already signed a number of players for the next season, so they will be able to strengthen the squad.
You can always follow the latest news on the website of sports statistics, where you will find the results of matches of the teams from all over the world.
Main Transfer Candidates of the Season
Among all the candidates for transfer, the Fox’s squad is the best.
Of course, the main goal of the players is to win the title, but they have to show their maximum in the matches.
Moreover, the players are very motivated, because now they have the opportunity to win a lot.
At the moment, the Leicester City looks very good, because it has a good lineup and a good goalkeeper.
Therefore, the fans can expect a lot from the team in the new campaign.
Team’ Goals for the Title
The current season of the English Premier League has already shown that the team of Jose Mourinho is not at the level of the previous ones.
Despite the fact that the Portuguese coach has managed not to win any trophy, he managed to get the title of the strongest club in the world, which he has won for the last three years.
Now, the current team has a lot more chances to win gold medals.
For this, it is necessary to strengthen several positions of the lineup, because in the current campaign the team played with a very weak lineup.
Many players did not play, and it was clear that they were tired of the game.
As a result, the results were not so good, which led to the fact the team was not able to get into the Champions League zone.
If the current results are not enough for the team to win, then the players will have a hard time, because there are many rivals ready to fight for the title.
Leicester City Transfer Prospects
The team has already signed some players for next season. Among them are:
* James Maddison;
 * Riyadski;
and so on
The main transfer candidate of the new year is Riyad Mhaskar.
He is a young player who has already managed to show good results.
One of the reasons for this is the fact he has already played for the club for a long time.
During his career, he was able to show the best results, and now he is ready to prove himself in the Premier League.
After the transfer, Mhassar will become a key member of the squad, because he is a very good player. The club has a number 1, 2, and 3 midfielder, as well as a number 4.
Also, the transfer is a good opportunity for the Fox to strengthen its lineup, and they will not have to pay a lot for the acquisition of a player. It is worth noting, that the cost of the player transfer is not that high, because many clubs are interested in him.
Jamie Vlatys’ Transfer Prospect
Another transfer candidate for the current year is the young midfielder of Leicester City, Jamie Vatys.
His transfer is very important, because this player has already scored a lot in the national championship.
Recently, he became a key figure of the Leicester team, and many people consider him one of its main transfer prospects.
There are many clubs interested in this player, and if the club manages to sign him, then it will be a good chance for the players to get a good contract.

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