Cesc Fabregas had some words to say about Chelsea squad for this summer

Cesc Fabregas had some words to say about Chelsea squad for this summer, as well as his future plans.
The club’s management has already started to make transfers, and the first of them is the signing of the young midfielder from Marseille, Eden Hazard.
“We have a number of interesting players, but we need to decide on the future of Hazard,” said the coach.
Fabregas also mentioned the transfer of the goalkeeper from Porto, Pepe, who is ready to join Chelsea.
All this will be known on the field soon, as the team will play in the Champions League.
Chelsea’ Transfer News
The team’ transfer campaign has started already, and it is obvious that it will be a difficult one.
In the summer, the Blues will be able to get a numberof players who will be useful for the team in the long run.
Among them are:
* Cesar Azpilicueta;
* N’Golo Kante;
* Tammy Abraham.
These players will help the team to fight for the champion title.
But the main problem of the team is the lack of motivation.
Despite the fact that the team won the Europa League, the fans are not satisfied with the results of the club.
They are waiting for the transfer campaign to be really successful, and Chelsea will be one of the main contenders for the title.
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Live Results of Football Matches
The season of the Champions Cup has come to an end, and now the attention of the fans is focused on the Europa league, which will be held simultaneously with the Champions league.
This season, the EPL is very interesting, as there are a lot of intriguing matches, which can change the results in a matter of minutes.
You will be the first to know about the changes in the standings, as they will be made on the basis of the results.
Of course, the main goal of the leaders is to enter the playoffs, but they will have to fight against the teams that are much stronger.
For example, the following teams can be mentioned:
1. Liverpool: The team is in the middle of the standings and has already won the Champions trophy.
2. Manchester City: The club has already entered the playoffs and is in a very strong position.
3. Tottenham Hotspur: The Spurs have a good chance of entering the playoffs.
4. Arsenal: The Gunners have a chance to enter a higher position in the EFL Cup.
5. Chelsea: The Blues have a great chance to get into the playoffs too.
However, the most intriguing matches of the season are the matches against the following clubs:
• Manchester United;
• Chelsea;
– Tottenham.
It is very important to follow the live results of football matches, as it will help you to get the most detailed information.
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Chelsea Fixtures for Next Season
The new season of English football is already in full swing, and this means that the teams are trying to win the Champions cup.
After the end of the previous season, it is clear that the main favorites of the tournament are Manchester City and Liverpool.
Now, the latter has strengthened its lineup significantly, and its main star is Eden Hazard, who joined the team from Chelsea. The Belgian midfielder has already scored a lot, and he is ready for the fight for gold medals.
Liverpool is in great shape too, and they have a lot to show. The team has a numberOf players who are ready to take part in the attack, aswell as in defense.
Manchester United, on the other hand, is in very bad shape. The players are tired of losing the title, and so they have stopped competing for gold.
Even the Red Devils have to work hard to win gold medals, as their rivals are much more powerful.
Will Chelsea be able not to repeat its previous season?
The answer to this question depends on the performance of the Blues in the next season.
Many experts believe that the club will not be able repeat its success this time, as its rivals have much more experience and a lot more money.
Moreover, the team has not yet found its game, and many of its players are not ready to play in such a high-pressure situation.
If the team fails to win a place in the playoffs again, then it will not have a long time to prepare for the next championship.
Thus, the management of the Chelsea has to make some changes, as this will help to improve the situation. The main thing is to improve their results in the matches with the main rivals of the English championship.
Live Football Results
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· Who won;
· Who lost;
Who scored goals;
· Who conceded goals; and
· The players’ statistics.

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