Jerome Boateng will not play in the next game for Bayern Munich

The player has a serious injury. The club is waiting for the results of an X-ray, which will allow to decide whether to carry out surgery.

Boateng will miss the next match, because he will have to undergo surgery. The injury is not serious, but it is quite painful. The specialist will make sure that the player is able to play the match, and Bayern will be able to get the maximum out of him.
The club will miss Boateng for the next season, because the player will be out for the rest of the season. The team will have a new coach, so the players will have time to get used to him. The previous season, Bayern Munich was quite successful, and the team won the Champions League.
However, the club did not win the Bundesliga, and this is the main reason for the team’s poor performance. The players are not used to playing in front of such a large number of fans.
Borussia Dortmund is also in a difficult situation. The coach is Jurgen Klopp, who has already won the EPL with Liverpool. The new coach has a lot of problems with the team, and it is not in the best shape.
In the Bundesliga the team is in a poor shape. The fans are not happy with the performance of the team. The results of the match against Borussia Mönchengladbach were not very good. The game ended with a score of 1:0.
This was a bad result for the club, and many fans are dissatisfied with the situation. It is easy to follow the Bundesliga on the website of sports statistics. Here you will find only the reliable information, which is updated in real time.
Live Results of Football Matches
The season of the German championship is in full swing, and fans are waiting for a lot. This is the time of the most intense struggle for gold medals.
At the moment, Bayern is the favorite of the championship. The Munich team is the best in the Bundesliga and the Champions’ League. The Bavarians have a good lineup, which allows them to play well in almost any situation.
All Bundesliga results of Bayern
The previous season the club won the Bundesliga. The main goal of the club is to win the title. The current season is the most difficult one for the Munich team. This time it is the lack of motivation. The management of the Munich club is not able to achieve the results.
It is clear that the main goal for the season is to get into the Champions’ League zone. The last time Bayern was in the top 4 was in 1990. The victory in the Champions league was not enough for the fans, because it was not the first time the club failed in the tournament.
Fans have high hopes for the upcoming season. Bayern is in the strongest position in the league, and they are confident that they can get into a higher position.
Results of Bundesliga Matches of Borussia Dortmund
The team of Jurgenko is not the best. The squad is not strong enough for a long tournament distance. The problems of the players are obvious. The Dortmund team has a good chance of getting into the top-4 of the Bundesliga next season.
Jurgenko’s squad is quite unstable. The leaders of the squad are not performing well. The problem is not only the lack motivation, but also the fact that the players have not been in the right shape for a while.
After the defeat in the match with Borussia Monchengrad, the team has not been able to improve its position in a long distance. It will be very difficult for the players to get to the Champions-League zone, because they are not in a good shape. However, the fans have high expectations from the team and are confident in the future.
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Fans are always looking for the latest news from the world of football. The Bundesliga is the strongest league in Europe, and there are a lot to choose from.
There are a few teams that are in a better shape than others. However it is difficult to say that the team of Borussias Dortmund is the champion of the country. The situation in the team depends on the coach. Jurgensen is not a good choice for the coach of the Dortmund team.
Many fans are disappointed with the results, and Jurgensons team has problems with motivation. It seems that the club will not be able achieve the desired result.
Visit the website to find out the Bundesliga results and other information about the team from Dortmund.
Main Intrigues of the Season
The main intrigue of the current season of German championship has to do with the fight for the champion title. Bayern Munich is the clear favorite of this fight. The Munich team is a good squad, and its lineup allows it to play in almost every situation. This season, the Munich players are quite unstable, and their results are not very convincing.
Among the main competitors of the Bavarians are Borussia Dortmunder and Freiburg. The teams are quite strong, and you can see that they are ready to fight for gold.
You can follow the results on the sports statistics website. Here, you will always find only reliable information. The website is easy and convenient to use. You just need to know a few simple commands.

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